Saturday, June 17, 2006


If I'm not complaining about the hot afternoons, it's because Summer has brought with it amazingly long days. Sure they are not as long as in St. Petersburg, but I do gleefully notice the precious sunlight in the late evenings. It -- my noticing, that is -- must have something to do with my recently acquiring a new camera. (Not that I'm particularly eager to add to my ever growing collection of photos. Isn't it said, sweet indeed are the photos taken, but those not taken are sweeter still?)

As for news, I'm back in Champaign, with almost everything during my trip having gone according to plan (not counting the last night I got stranded in Chicago). Everywhere -- Ottawa, Seattle, St. Petersburg and New York -- it rained, and I got myself thoroughly drenched (especially in Russia). But there also were the remarkably bright and long summer days.

There's a whole lot I would have liked to share (like I did when I returned from a previous Europe trip). But there isn't enough leisure just now (which still doesn't prevent me from lapsing to Dostoyevsky's The Idiot, and feeling that I understand it when he talks about the summer in Petersburg; btw, I picked up -- or rather, downloaded -- The Idiot, after dining in a vegetarian (!) restaurant in the city, named after the novel). I haven't yet gone through all the photos I brought back with me. Anyway, here's a small selection (some of them shot under an excellent sun, though you will find some overcast sky as well).

And finally, after more than two and a half years (so I'm told), I'll be in India -- for almost a full month -- some time in July-August. If sufficiently many things go according to plan.