Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why I don't have a car (or a truck)

Who needs a truck, anyway? Not her either.

And in other news, not having a car is apparently not an excuse for being single: [1, 2]. (But I don't have a motor bike either, ha! But then, [3, 4, 5] or [6]! Never mind, I have better excuses.)

(None of these are my photos. Btw, in another bout of absent-mindedness, I've left my camera behind at a friend's place. Need to collect it...)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Google maps and Thiruvananthapuram!

So what was I complaining about last year? Google Map's satellite images are still no good for Urbana-Champaign. But it turns out now they have more than ten times as much resolution for images of Thiruvananthapuram. And now with maps! (via Joseph.)

Wikimapia resolution has been good for a while, enough for people to clutter it with identifying their houses.

I must also add, MS' Live Search is pretty good for the local neighbourhood, but is not so great for Thiruvananthapuram.