Saturday, May 05, 2007

More glass

Summer is here, finally. Maybe not the season, but the break. And that's time for more absentmindedness. I bought some more glass for my camera. OK, that was not particularly absent-minded. But the address I entered at Amazon had 173 instead of 713 as the house number. It's of course a typo, except that the next day I was caught giving out my address with a 173 to some friends at dinner.

The lens arrived safely after I called up UPS and corrected the address. Something surprising happened though: when I called up, the UPS person asked if they should ship it to my old address from last year. Where did they get that from? More surprisingly, another thing I ordered the same day from Amazon (and hence with the same wrong address) was correctly delivered by Fedex. The package had my name and 173 as the house number, but Fedex figured out where it should be delivered! It seems then that UPS and Fedex do have some sort of a database where they collect names and addresses. I'm only glad that they do it, but not everyone would be pleased by that.

Anyway, here're the sample photos using the new lens. All photos were taken hand-held, with the vibration-reduction switched on. Exposure times are 1/2.5, 1/6, and 1/6, and focal lengths are 122mm, 200mm, 200mm.


Kuttan said...

That is some pretty good VR to get such clear pics at those speeds. I have been thinking for quite sometime to get the VR 18-200 mm with D70. Hopefully one of these days I'll get it.

mp said...

Yes, the VR looks great. At one-third the price of the 18-200 mm VR.