Friday, July 13, 2007

Donation week!

Made two donations this week. First, the second one. It was a rather "involuntary donation." And being not present at the occasion I couldn't do it very well. So, if you were the one to get my bike, I'll be happy to give you the key to the lock too. I know, I was being too lazy to use it properly, but I'd like it to be useful for you (or, if you don't have any use for the lock, I could take it back and put it to good use on my new bike).

That's the donated bike in colder times (and a light snow). Or see it here.

The other donation was on July 4.


Rajani said...

Hey, Looks like the absent minded professor is back in action :-)!! How are you doing ?

mp said...

Hey Rajani, that's not fair. Obviously, I couldn't have had the presence of mind to leave the key behind.

(Btw, all the credit is not for me to take. You have to give him/her/them some credit too. It should have been a fairly non-trivial task involving lifting the bike up etc. )

I'm doing fine. How are you guys? And how's Sujit's bike doing?