Friday, August 26, 2005

Malayalam unicode works with konqueror!

For quite a while now, I haven't used a Linux desktop (I have a Mac, though the big servers I log into are all Linux). So it was very kind of Sariel to let me take a look at how Malayalam unicode showed up in his Linux box. Mozilla didn't do very well, but amazingly konqueror did a wonderful job!

So all Linux users out there, if you're having trouble with Malayalam Unicode, you might want to give KDE and konqueror a try. (If you do that, remember to use KDE control center to install a Unicode font, before firing up konqueror.)

update: konqueror for Mac OS X 10.4 also works just as well. some problems with chillus remain...

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കലേഷ്‌ കുമാര്‍ said...

നല്ലത്! thanks for sharing the info Manoj!