Saturday, May 14, 2005

MELAM update: Digging up usenet nostalgia

MELAM has a section on usenet postings. After a long time (last update to that page was almost two years back) I have dug up a few more interesting postings from way back and added them. (Look for "From the Recycle Bin.") They were all posted in alt.culture.kerala (ACK). ACK was the predecessor of soc.culture.indian.kerala.

The ACK'ers would be the pioneers of Malayalam on the net. See the ACK FAQ for some history (and Part 2 for a transliteration scheme). There is a wealth of history (and fun) in the usenet for anyone with the time to dig into those old threads gathering virtual dust.

Sadly, the newsgroups went on to degenerate under the deluge of flame-wars (net rage?) and spam.

The Kerala blogosphere may be the new avatar of ACK...

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