Thursday, November 10, 2005

hate call? :-)

I got back home today evening and found this amusing message (in Hindi) in my answering machine:

"Manoj Prabhakar aa gaya hai. Sale ko India ke team se nikaal diya, America jaa ke [couldn't catch the words]"

Meanwhile, got my PhD certificate from Princeton. Sariel made me pose with it.


rathri said...

Congratulation Manoj. It's not a mean job to get a Phd from Princeton. As what Cibu said, very few Malayalees must have conquered such heights. And that at such a young age:)

mp said...

Thanks Rathri. However I must object to your perspective on Malayalees (and on "heights")!

peeya said...

I used to equate Phd with crazy people. I mean, how can people study so much?? For me naeh.. I don't like to study; don't get me wrong.. I like to go to uni,I like googling for research papers, sitting in the class. But don't want to do home work. Now since most of my professors talk about their Phd with so much passion, I changed my equation from crazy to passionate. So congratulations on your achievement. I dunno if it is a mallu thing, but we really talk passionately about ivvy legues.I always make an effort to say, so and so is in Yale or going to stanford for med school. Another fascination for me is the dissertation subjects. A common person like me have to raise the eye brow when the subject is announced.