Monday, November 21, 2005

malayalam parallel cinema resources?

Of late I have been wondering, how does one get hold of Malayalam "parallel" movies in the US? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(And for those wondering what Malayalam parallel cinema is, here you go.)


Anonymous said...

Are they making any good movies in Kerala now. The "parallel" ouput to commercial ventures these days seems to "Shakilized".

DesiTorrents has a few malayalam movies for download. Except Kazcha - nothing really meaningful is there.


mp said...

Thanks Ullas. I'm looking for something a bit more legal than downloading off DesiTorrents. (or is it a paid service?)

I don't know much about the recent movies (though I'm given to believe that things are better than they used to be a few years back). My memories of Malayalam cinema is fairly dated. I wouldn't mind watching the oldies.

LI said...

Manoj , Two weeks back there was a Malaylam Film Festival in Kerala House in Delhi organised with the help from Govt of Kerala by some enthusiasts.The website URL given in one of the notices was . I'm not sure , but if you are interested in doing a similar festival in US may be they will help you .