Tuesday, August 01, 2006

In Trivandrum

Today I happened to meet with Paulson who runs a small business producing "mathematics lab kits" for schools. Apparently his business is looking a little more promising than a few years back, when I met him for the first time. Here's a newspaper report.

Yesterday I visited Chilla. More about that later.

And here's a random photo from last weekend's trip to grandma's house in the village: a cat atop the roof of what used to be a cowshed. Stay tuned for more (more photos that is, though apparently, I'll have more encounters with cats as well when I get back to Champaign).


Anonymous said...

I have been as regular a reader of your blog as you have been in writing your blog!

I get the feeling that you have changed a lot from what you have been in your school and college days although i am not sure whether you had these things in your mind and just that you expressed it while doing MS.

Great work.

Oru AbhyudayaKamkshi

sudeep said...

subid (subidks.blogspot.com) was working with abhay art gallery (paulson's) for a while. i had been to that place once. not sure how long it can survive, going by the lack of human resources.